Monday, January 1, 2018

A Fond Farewell...

 My resolution for 2018 didn't start on this New Year's Day, it actually started a couple months ago on my last birthday.  My life has changed in the past 6 years.  Heck, the world has changed in the past 6 years!  My life, as the worlds, has had some good and some not so good things happen to it!
Paths, goals, along with intentions change.  

I have had 6 wonderful years of blogging with you.  Sharing my recipes and crazy life with you?  I wouldn't change a thing!
But just as "Pooh" say's; all good stories must come to an end!

I want to thank you for coming along and sharing my journey!  As this new chapter in my life unfolds, I would like to wish all of life blessings onto you and your family!

This is not goodbye my friends, it is "till next time"!

Dishin with Didi