Monday, February 23, 2015

Cherry Cranberry Pie - Busy Mom's Solutions

 First and foremost let me apologize for my pictures.  I am a busy working mom as you know, and food is my hobby and passion.  That being said, my most top things on my bucket list is photography lessons...
You know, how the food screams out at you when you first see it and you want to run right into your kitchen and duplicate the recipe in the photos...
I know right?  That's my dream.  What you see above, well my friends, that is reality!  *sigh* 
If I didn't have to work, and actually had "light" to work with, maybe I would have time to play around.  Alas, I'm lucky to get everything done on the weeknights and weekends and have half an hour for a breather before work the next morning.

So back to the recipe.  I wanted to make a pie for my hubby because he loves pie and I can't make crust if my life depended on it.  So every once in a while I will surprise that man of mine and make him a pie using a canned pie filling and ready made crust.  What?  It's still homemade, I'm baking it aren't I?

So this weekend I was going to make my man, hmmmmm, you know we should give him a name don't you think?  How about "CW"?  You know I think that fits perfectly.  My husband's name is Wayne and he always wanted to be a cowboy.  Like I always wanted to be able to make crust.  There you go!  Hubby has been officially crowned "CW"!

So back to the recipe again! *grin* ~  I digress terrible don't I?  I know!
I was going to make him a cherry pie and I thought to myself; "Self, why don't you mix it up a few notches.  He loves your homemade cranberry sauce, so why don't you mix the two".  And that my friends is how this recipe came about!  You have sweet and tart.  It's bursting w/ spices, cherry, cranberry, and orange I would say love...

Ready for this very simple recipe?  Here we go;

Prep time:  15 minutes (plus 20 minutes cooling)
Bake time: 30-35 minutes
Yield:  8 pieces

1 pkg (2 sheets) pie crust pastry
1 can cherry pie filling
1 batch homemade cranberry sauce - Ingredients & Recipe Found Here
 1 egg white + 1 tbsp water
*Course white sugar - Optional *

-Prepare your cranberry sauce and set aside to cool.

-Once cool, in a medium bowl add your cranberry sauce.


-Add in your canned cherry pie filling and mix to incorporate.  At this point I would take a wee teaspoon and taste just a smidgen, for you know testing purposes...

-Preheat your oven to 400F.

-Using your favorite pie plate, add your 1 crust and mold gently so the dough goes up the sides.  Now add in that delectable filling.


-Go ahead and add the second pie crust over the top and connect the two by pinching, molding, what ever it is you need to do to guarantee that they will meet together.  I go in with a hope and a prayer!

-So for the grand finale, I like to do an egg wash for you know a glossy sheen and all.  And just because, I can, I add course sugar to just make it look so pretty...

-Bake for 30-35 minutes or till the top is nicely golden.  Let cool at least 4 hours before cutting, trust me!!

See, if I can make a pie, and I'm severely dough challenged, so can you.  It's the filling that makes the pie yes?  

Till next time!!        

Dishin with Didi