Friday, August 28, 2015

Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries and Blogger Get Together's...

I mean how much more gourmet can we be you ask?  But they are so ever easy, and I mean super easy to make these gourmet goodies.  My friend Michelle from Our Real Deal  will give you the recipe to recreate these beauties.  Not only is the recipe there, but she has step by step photos and directions.  DELICIOUS, amazing and elegant, beauties! Trust me, I had 4, shhhhhhh...

This past Saturday I had the honor of meeting with my blogging buddies to brain storm on our blogs.

This was our day;

We couldn't get away from the view.  Coupons For Your Family
by Denise, graciously hosted for us.  As you can see Denise lives right on the water.  Such sacrifices...

Happy Deal Happy Day by Maura shared with us her killer pasta salad.  We all love to eat, and there was plenty of food!

Of course selfies need to be taken...

Those lovely beauties are;
Tricia from; Tricias Frugal Finds
Michelle from; Our Real Deal

It's amazing how alcohol was involved somewhere right? 
Ann from; Ann's Entitled Life

Was whipping up some amazing creations! If you are looking for killer drink recipes, look no further than Ann's site.  I'm serious, you will be amazed.  We can all vouch, that the experiments were DELICIOUS!!  For blogging purposes of course...

We were there for hours, hours I say!  We learned, we ate, we drank, drank some more, and pretty much laughed the day away!  So much so, that; Denise's poor hubby actually called from the boat.  "Honey, are the girls still there"?

Ah yes, the sacrifices bloggers make for their readers.  I know!

Till next time!

Dishin with Didi