Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dinner tonight

Was a very, very long day at work today... when I came home I felt like comfort food!!
So we had...

                                                    Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

With some sliced peppers & celery & carrots and some blue cheese dip... yep, exactly what the dr. ordered!!

What was your dinner tonight?  Did you feel like comfort, or something special??  Or did you do a family favorite?  Enquiring minds....

Dishin with Didi


  1. Didi, we affectionately call this "party food" at our house...quick food that hits the spot!!! :) These look so very good, and knowing you, they tasted fabulous, too!! WTG!

  2. Hi my amazing Melissa!!!

    Party food, YES, comfort food, YES!!! I wanted something crispy and not so good...
    However, I improvised and used Alton Brown's chicken wing recipe. These were actually steamed, then baked till crisp... as you can see they are crispy as all get out, and moist?? Man oh man!!
    Did cheat though, and used Frank's Sweet & Spicy sauce, mmmmmmm
    *shhhhhhhh* ;-)

  3. Love wings for dinner! I get the Weggies frozen in a bag and they are easy for sure. I'm going to have to try Alton's recipe -- you've peaked my interest!

  4. So good Alex, their steamed, I just steamed and then baked... OMG, you will NEVER DEEP FRY again, nor feel guilty for eating wings!!!