Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday purchases

Went out really quickly this a.m. to CVS to get just a few things...
Reason being I'm trying to get my stockpile back up regarding personal items and odds and ends. That provides me with extra "grocery money" to buy better quality meats, cheeses, fresh fruits & veggies, seafood etc.

I bought 3 cases of Pepsi products, 2 Pepsi Max, 1 Sierra mist 12 cans. 1 Irish Spring for dh. 3 Speed stick deodorant for dh, 3 Lady speed stick for us, and a Reeces PB egg.
I used coupons for all except the candy, and a $10cash card from CVS from a previous week.
My total was $5.78 for what you see shown. I saved $31.96!!
I also received; 1-$4ECB for the Pepsi, 1-$6ECB for the deodorants and body wash, 1-.87ECB for the pb egg chocolate & 1-$1ECB for using the green tag I bought 2 yrs ago...
Paying full price for these items would of cost me almost $40.00!!!
Now, I have $32.00 back into my grocery budget, plus another $11.87 to use towards another week in drugstore money!!

Did you do something to save your family money? I would love to hear all about it... drop me a line and let me know!!! I love to share, but I LOVE TO LEARN!!!!

Happy Sunday!! :-)

Dishin with Didi


  1. My thing this week, is to give the dog the stuff I rinse out of my Vitamix. We make almond milk and you have to soak the nuts first so after I drain it, she gets the water. Then when we make smoothies, I put some of the water in the mixer and whiz it to rinse the residue off the sides. I pour that back in the jar -- and she gets any left over whizzed stuff. It doesn't cost anything extra and she gets good nutrition from it.

    And Hey! Thanks for linking to my blog!!!!

  2. Hey Alex!!!
    Teddy sure is a lucky gal!!! She is sure is a beautiful, good girl too!!

    I can't thank you enough for all the natural info you have taught me for my doggies!!!