Sunday, February 5, 2012

Case in Point; Sunday Shopping

Hi everyone... *waving madly*
Today I want to share with you my "viewpoint" in being frugal for your family... you've heard me before talk about frugal, talk about coupons, and talk about gourmet all in the same sentence...
Today, I believe I have accomplished and taken pics of all the points that I share on this blog...
Feeding your family and friends amazing gourmet (if you may) dishes, all while saving money...

This my friends is my point!!

Rite Aid:
I bought:
1 Revlon Water Proof Lush Volumizing Mascara
1 Revlon Water Proof eye liner
3 boxes Kleenex (who doesn't need Kleenex)??
1 cotton balls
3 Mentos candies
Using Rite Aid coupons, Manufacturer's coupons and UP's (Rite Aid money), I paid out of pocket *OOP* $10.17 including tax.  Received a $4 UP for my next purchase, making this total $6.17 for two Revlon cosmetics, *batting eyelashes profusely, ya gotta look your best ya know*, 3 Kleenex and 1 cotton balls (Lord have Mercy do we go thru alot of those)... the Mentos, fresh breath and all *insert smile*!!!! :-)


I bought:
2 Scott 8-Rolls of papert towels, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 24 pk of Poland Springs water, 2 Hershey's candies and 4 Nabisco cookies.
Using MQ coupons and extra care bucks (ECB's)  I paid OOP = &18.87 (including tax) and received back a $10 cash card.  Making today's purchases $8.87 for all you see above


I bought:
5 GM Cereals, 1 pork loin, 1 smoked picnic shoulder & 1 Kikkoman sweet & sour sauce
Total OOP= $28.20 and I received a $3 CAT (catalina) which means I can use this on my next shopping purchase just like cash!!!
I came home, froze the smoked shoulder, the kids were in their glory re: the cereals... and I ended up cutting the loin myself and got 3 - pkgs of 8 pork chops per pkg and 1 pkg of 1.5 lbs of stewed pork.
Making it less than $3 per package of porkchops... the stewed pork was literally FREE, if you want to tally it that way...



Bananas, oranges, 3 various cream cheese (s), pears, 2 pkgs of apples, string cheese,2  biscuits, 2 baby carrots, large packe of shredded mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, fresh parsley

garlic, fresh strawberries, canola spray, 2 frozen orange juice, deli roast beef, deli turkey, 2 pkgs of  baby bellas', 2 pkgs unsalted butter, avocado, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, rye bread, ww bread, provolone cheese, 2 tortilla chips, 2 cans light tuna, hormel turkey pepperoni...

Not pictured: Pizza stone (purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond using coupon), Brie Cheese, Greek gourmet cheese (Kasseri ) & 2 bottles of Moscato Wine.

Moral of my shopping and pictures??? 
To share with you my frugal gourmet adventure...  I love good food and wine!!  I necessarily DON'T HAVE THE MONEY to buy these gourmet items within my budget if I don't shop wisely otherwise.
So that being said;  the savings at the drugstores alone for much NEEDED ITEMS, left me with a good $42.00 to use towards gourmet cheese, a couple of good bottles of wine, without breaking my budget...

I love to share, but I love to learn even more so... what did you do today to bring gourmet on the table???

Dishin with Didi

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