Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frank & Potato Bake

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Creamy total goodness at it's best

So you are busy, come home, realize you haven't taken anything out to defrost...  
Now what?  Don't panic!  Do you have hot dogs in the freezer or fridge?  Do you have potatoes? 
Cool, do I have an amazing just down home goodness recipe for you!

The entire dish takes about 1 hour from start of prep to finish, and it's just absolutely CREAMY GOODNESS!!!
This recipe was given to me from one of my favorite German patient's.
So I'm assuming it has German descent.  She taught me how to say hello, thank you, and your welcome with maybe a couple of swear words thrown in for good measure and all.  She also shared with me a few of her favorite German recipes...

I've changed things up over the years, but the credit still goes to Gretchen, whom I love, love, love!

Here we go!!

Frank & Potato Bake

6 Hotdogs (I used all beef Hebrew's National, I've made them with turkey and Kielbasa as well)
6-7 medium potatoes sliced
4 Tbls fresh chopped parsley
1 medium onion diced
3 Tbls butter
3 Tbls flour *see gluten free alternative*
2 c milk
2 c shredded cheese *divided; 1-1/2 c & reserve 1/2 c for topping)
4 Tbls mustard 
1 tsp salt
*fresh cracked pepper*

Preheat oven to 350F.

Peel your potatoes and using your microwave, nuke them for 5-7 minutes till softened (like a baked potato, pierce with a knife and if the knife slides easily through it, they are done).  Take out and set aside. As potatoes are cooling, chop and start cooking the rest of your ingredients!
When cool enough to handle, slice and place potatoes in a large pre-sprayed casserole dish. Sprinkle the ground pepper. Set aside

Chop the hot dogs, set aside.

Chop your parsley, set aside.  Start your cream sauce or Bechamel.  In a saucepan add your butter and let the butter melt.  Add your diced onions and start to saute.  Once onions have started to soften add your flour.  Let the flour and butter mixture cook for about 1 minute. Pour in the milk.  Using your whisk, whisk the mixture constantly till the mixture starts to thicken.  Once the mixture has thickened, turn off heat, and add your shredded cheese.

Stir in the cheese till completely incorporated.  Now we add the mustard, stir till thoroughly incorporated and finally add in the salt and your fresh chopped parsley.
Let's add in our chopped hot dogs to the cream sauce. Mix well and pour over the potatoes.  

Bake for about for 35 -45 minutes till lightly golden.  Pull out of oven and add the reserved shredded cheese.  Let sit for a few a minute or so till cheese has melted.

I know... just decadent

Serve with your favorite side.

Goodness at it's bestcan we say delicious and easy COMFORT FOOD!!!

1) Rice flour; treat just like regular flour, no other special instructions, no change in taste (kills me to tell you this; but it's found the cheapest at Walmart)

2) Guar Gum; There is a smidgen difference on this one.  You will need to make the "cream/Bechamel" sauce differently!  You will use about 1 tsp. or so of guar gum. 
Melt your butter/onion as instructed, then add your cold milk.  Turn off heat and sprinkle in guar gum using a whisk.  Make sure all your guar gum has been disolved.  Turn heat back on.  Whisking with a whisk, you will see when the mixture is starting to thicken.  Turn off heat.  Continue with the rest of the ingredients and instructions!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Simple goodness, Didi! Great recipe!!

  2. OMG!!!! What a great recipe idea! I love it!

    1. Thank you Lillian, simple and good!!

  3. Yes , yes , yes I am so making this dish today , looks so creamy and delish my friend

    1. Can't wait for your review our master baker!!!

  4. I love the simplicity! Making this one for sure!

  5. Hello Didi, yes this was a very creamy rich and tart dish. Very tasty and it is all gone not a potatoe or sauce left in the casserole.
    We love your blog and keep them coming love you

    1. Yay!!!! Didi doing the happy dance!! ♥
      Love my Jamie!!

  6. I made this tonight using Bistro Sensations Smoked Mozzarella, Artichoke and garlic flavored chicken sausages. SO GOOD!! This one is a keeper! Thanks Didi!

    1. Teresa baby girl, I literally drooled looking at your pics on FB! I wanted to reach in with my fork! I'm loving the flavored sausage combo on this. I am definitely trying it!! I also love kielbasa in this... love me my kielbasa!!
      Thank you so much for trying it and coming back to let me know! Didi doing the happy dance ♥ Love my Teresa!!

  7. Teresa Jacobson just shared a beautiful photo of this dish on FB. I don't have everything I need to make this right now and with all the rain, our roads are too muddy to make a trip to town but I'm printing this to make as soon as I can get to town.! Love your recipes!!

    1. Thank you my sweet Diane! As I adore yours as well my lovey!! ♥