Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stuffed Pizza Logs

I played with this recipe a couple of weeks ago, totally loved it, FAMILY LOVED it even more!!!
With the big game coming up, I thought I would provide amazing tasting recipes that won't break the budget...

I will not provide a recipe, because you can add or subtract any ingredient you want in these to suit your personal tastes.  You want salami instead of pepperoni? Add that, you want no olives?  Subtract, no pepper?  Subtract again, want extra cheese, go for it... 
It's a "I love this" .... recipe!!

I will however give you a guideline; gather your ingredients, these are mine

2 Tubes of refridgerated pizza dough sliced in 4 horizontally

We love peppers and pepperoni and extra cheese, ummmm yeah!!!!

Roll the logs over and press gently to seal... now the fun part; the BASTING SAUCE, YES!!!!

4 Tbls of butter melted for basting
1/2 tsp of granulated garlic (garlic powder if all"you have no issues)
1/2 tsp  of dried Italian seasoning
pinch of salt

Bake @ 375F for 17-22 minutes or till golden.  Mine took approximately 20 minutes...

Okay, get your knives and forks ready... I'm fighting you for the end piece!!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. OMG!!!! Making theses Sunday! Thanks, Didi!!

  2. Looks yummy, nice and easy thats my kind of recipe :)
    I bet these would freeze well too. Then the kids would always have after school snacks. Thanks Didi

  3. Yay Melissa!!!!! Please send me a pic, I would love to post it on the blog, and show everyone your creations!!!!
    Their so darn good!!!

    (the girls and I wanted a white one soooooo bad, but of course, dh vetoed it, and wanted the sauce...) We were thinking, various cheese, some hard salami and some sauteed at mushrooms... dh wouldn't hear of it, he wanted SAUCE!!!! When he's w/ the boys, guess what the girls and I will be doing???? :-}

  4. Ida!!! You know, what a great idea? I bet you they "would" freeze well... gotta try it now!!
    Thank you sweetheart!

  5. These are kind of like the pizza garbage bread that I have been making for years. YUM. I will have to try your recipe.

  6. Thank you Precious! Pizza garbage bread? You have so irked my curiosity... what it is?? Details please!! ;-) xoxoxoxo

  7. Didi, I meant to tell you I made a "Meatsa Meatsa" version of these for our munchies today...totally delish and my son LOVED them!! Shoulda taken a pic, but, alas they cut into them before I could!! Thanks love muffin! xoxo

  8. Yayyyyyyyy!!! So happy you enjoyed them sweetheart!!!

  9. Thank you Cindy!!! So much easier than doing the whole pizza thing!! I've had feedback from a few friends, they all said they were so good!! Let me know!!

  10. Didi. When you say 2 rolls of dough sliced into 4 pieces, is that 4 per roll or four total? Thanks much

    1. Sorry Dan, I was without phone or Internet suddenly till just now. Into four, slice them into fours. Does that make sense?