Monday, February 6, 2012

Supreme Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

I made these yesterday for our super bowl get together... can I say (and so do my guests)... out of this freakin world!!!  These were the BEST STUFFED mushrooms ever!!!  They taste like little pizza's in your mouth, and I'M NOT KIDDING!!!  So very, very easy to make and I can't thank my friend and foodie sister enough Melissa Sperka!!!  Shout out to her, because this recipe ROCKS!!!

Here is her blog; be ready to salivate and take notes profusely... cuz not only is she beautiful she is a rocking CHEF!!!!

They were gone in 1 second... I literally had to yell at the guys, tear off my apron and step up on the stool AND THREATEN THEM (not that anyone took me seriously, they continued to play monkey in the middle with me, UGHHHHHH) ..... "oh, oh, mama Di is ticked".. so they let me do what I had to do...
Take pics that is :-) and then try before everything was devoured!!!

If you're looking for  a good pizza recipe that is low fat, lowcarb and totally easy to make... here is proof in the pudding....
I had leftover filling because I chose to use baby Bella's... so I used wonton wrappers to fill, OMG, either way... MAN OH MAN!!!!!
Thank you Melissa!!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Didi, you are the sweetest, thank you so much my foodie friend!!! Love ya!

  2. OMG - I must stop reading this at work!!!!!!!!! Did - everything sounds so amazing!! can I come over and we can be BFF's? I will bring wine and chocolate..... <3

    1. Can we make it a "threesome"? hahaha

  3. LMAO, Michelle, you and your gorgeous smile can come over ANYTIME!!!!

  4. They look scumptious but I would love the ones in the wontons so much better. YUM!

  5. Precious, this filling is amazing!!!! It would go amazing just baked w/ some bread and crackers if you like... it's absolutely the BOMB!!!!

    Try it and let Melissa know!!!

  6. yes, yes, we can!!!! I'll make, bring, come over, enjoy and we can just smile, chat and eat!!!!