Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garlic Bread Meatball Florentine Sandwiches

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Mmmm... so good!

Look at the air bubble holes... you so know how moist that is.... and the crispy crust... OMGoodness!!!!

I felt like nice hearty sandwiches for dinner... ever feel like that?  Just a mouthwatering sandwich??
These sandwiches are even more special, because I made my own bread... nice CRUSTY ARTISAN BREAD too boot!!  I KNOW!! ;-)

My foodie friend Doreen shared with us her "artisan bread recipe", and I CAN'T THANK HER ENOUGH!!!

Now, I'm gonna share a secret... ready?  *shhhhhhhhh*
I know right? Seriously... I don't like it!! It gives me no pleasure whatsover!!!  What it does is frustrates the heck out of me!!!  Examples below....

-I'm so "not" the happy gal who loves "kneading bread", NOPE, NOT ME!!!  I read the ingredients, follow the instructions and I get a solid 4x4 blob of NOTHING!!!

-I  also can't make pie dough... I've attempted, TRUST ME!!!! 
My last attempt, my hubby (bless his heart) patched the hole I left in the wall very nicely.  This is after I *wailed*, "I CAN'T DO THIS", and he encourages me that I can.  So to show him the dough was like hockey pucks AGAIN, I threw it on the side walls, it made a dent.... yup

-I also don't like making cookie cut outs OF ANY KIND!  I lose the will to live after cookie #3!
Now that being shared, I can honestly tell you, I'm totally amazed and TRIPLE APPLAUD those that DO AND CAN make those amazing creations... <sigh

Many a times I have become inspired after viewing someones beautiful cutouts, all decorated nicely, or that flaky pie crust.... ahhhhhhhh
maybe one day right?  NOT!  
It all starts out with good intentions, no it really does.
I say to myself; "self, THIS TIME I WILL make those beautiful cutouts, this time I WILL finish"! 

So, I get to cookie #3, and then I glance over at the MOUND OF DOUGH still awaiting my attention... 
I start to feel the familiar feeling of DEFLATION and frustration, and I lose the will to live AGAIN!   
So that being said, when I say to you "I've made my own bread", you have to understand this a is a foolproof, and in my case; *idiot proof* recipe!!!  So if I can make bread.... yep, yep SO CAN YOU!

I've posted a comment on Doreen's recipe, adding my tip that you don't have to " touch the dough at all"!  You just place all your dry ingredients in your stand up mixer using your dough hook.   Add your water and then starting slowly, start to mix.  Increase speed gradually, after about 30 seconds or so you will see the mixture form a ball.  Turn off power.  Remove dough hook and cover with towel, let rise for 2 hrs
After 2 hrs, on a flat surface sprinkled liberally with flour; pour/scoop out your now very risen dough.  Make into whatever shape you want!  I make into one very long loaf, or, 4 very nice hoagie roll.  You don't have to play or knead the dough in any way.  Just make sure the dough is not sticky anymore because of the flour, and roll into your desired shape and cut what have you, and place on baking sheet.   
Let rise for another hour and then bake as directed in the recipe! PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT BREAD each and every time!!!   This is coming from a "dough idiot"!

*NOTE:  I halve this recipe in half.  This ensures I get exactly what I need or want when it's just the family, or use the entire recipe when I'm baking for a group.*

*IF MAKING HOAGIE ROLLS; DECREASE BAKING TIME BY ABOUT 8 MINUTES* Knock on rolls for hollow sounds to see if done and judge also by color. 
 See what I mean? And I'm dough challenged! Aren't they gorgeous?

Okay, ready for the garlicky meatball recipe?

Here we go:

4 Large Hoagie rolls
1 quart sauce, homemade or your favorite jar
1 cup diced/shredded mozzarella
4 large sliced provolone slices, cut in half
1lb homemade meatballs
2-3 cups fresh spinach leaves
1/4c extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp granulated garlic
pinch of salt


HERE: Meatballs with Angel Hair Pasta

 *remember the meatballs I made for my angel hair nests on Saturday? Yep, yep... I made extra meatballs, ON PURPOSE!! It's called cooking/baking once and using twice"!


Preheat oven to broiler.  In a sauce pan, add your sauce and your meatballs.  Simmer till the meatballs have warmed thru and the flavor of the meatballs has now married with the sauce. About 10 minutes. 
Once they are simmering, turn off heat, set aside.  Cut your hoagie rolls in half.  Set aside. Prepare your cheeses by cutting/slicing your provolone cheeses in half vertically and dicing your mozzarella cheeses. (I used fresh mozzarella, diced), you can certainly used shredded cheese for both, this is what I had on hand.

In a very small monkey dish; add your olive oil and garlic, mix till thoroughly combined, set aside.  On your baking sheet, add  your first two sets of cut hoagie rolls.  Baste with garlic infused olive oil, add your spinach and then top with your sliced provolone to the "bottom half".

 Now add your sauce and about 5-6 meatballs per bottom half of roll.  Sprinkle with diced/shredded mozzarella cheese. 
Place in oven and broil for a few minutes till cheese has melted thru and edges are brown!!  Keep a close eye, so they don't burn.

Top with the*top* half of garlicky cheese melted, roll and DIG IN!

I know... AMAZING GARLIC BREAD, with meatballs and sauce?  OH YEA!  Pure delight!

Deliciousness AT IT'S BEST!

Till next time!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Wow!! What an awesome blog Didi!! Detailed and funny!! Love it!! Thank u for the mention!!It really is a great bread!!

  2. No THANK you for that amazing recipe sweetheart!!!!

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog too... It's funny, when ppl meet me in real life they realize I talk the way I write!!! Lol

  3. Great post! Great recipes! love ya

    1. Thank you Linda!! This is exactly what were having fir dinner tonight along with baked ( frozen) curly fries!!

  4. Another great one. I def want to make the bread because I'm just now starting to make that. I've been playing around with some recipes but this one looks nice. I usually make Lynn's meatballs but I am up for change. Gotta get off this Blog or I will be here all night drooling.

    1. LOL, Cynthis!! Let me know when you do honey.