Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Salad, nice and simple dinner

I know!!! Isn't that pretty?

So you come home and your like... "ugh, really"? I don't know about your guys, but for me; sometimes I just don't feel like cooking, NO I MEAN IT! Sometimes I'm just tired ya know? Working all day, you know exactly what I'm talking about, right?

So who say's dinner has to be complicated and time consuming to be delicious, filling AND NUTRITIOUS at the same time?

This is my egg salad served over very pretty greens, with some cucumbers and tomatoes diced... and then topped with crumbled bacon.  The side; "wonton crispers"! 

This amazing wonton crisps recipe came from my 4X BLUE RIBBON WINNER and good foodie friend; "Teresa" over at Just a Pinch.
Here is her recipe!  OUT OF THIS WORLD I SAY!  I can so foresee a zillion uses for these nice and awesome wonton crispers!!
So tonight I came home, (I alway's have a container of hard boiled peeled eggs in the fridge for quick breakfasts and snacks), and pulled out the eggs.  I made "egg salad", yup, yup I did!  I won't give you an exact recipe, because I'm sure you have your own favorite one.  However, mine had "heart healthy mayo, finely diced onion, finely diced green bell pepper, salt & pepper, and the "piece de resistance -  curry"!  Just about 1/2 tsp to 8 eggs. 
A bit of finely diced dill/sweet pickle (I used sweet relish tonight), your ready to go!
little bits of green bell pepper, just gives it such nice color and taste
Set aside in the fridge till ready to use.  Fry or in my  case microwave a few strips of bacon.  I  usually use 1-1/2 strips of bacon per person. 
Greens/and veggies of choice... AND DON'T FORGET THE AWESOME WONTON CRISPS!

See how well they hold up, perfect for dipping
Can you taste it?  TERRIFICALLY LOW FAT TOO!

This is how the wontons looked before baking.

As for the salad? OMG, can you say just delicious, out of this world good?  So, so simple and beautiful... we alway's eat with our "eyes" first!
Serve with your favorite salad dressing!

This will be a perfect "Lenten dinner" sans the crispy bacon bits... 

Dinner: simple, nutritious but most of ALL DELICIOUS!

Kalisas Orekse!

Dishin with Didi


  1. YUM...I love wontons! And crispy ones sound all the better! That egg salad sound soooo good also! Great pics too! (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you Lillian!! xoxo

    Sometimes you just need easy and quick, know what I mean?? ;-)

  3. this looks yummy! i am a new reader (found you from frugal makes sense before precious ended her blog)! love your recipes and your energy! i am greek love the references and your kali sas orekse! thanks for posting such fun and yummy recipes!

    1. Olga, ti kanete? Harika para poli!! :-)

      Welcome!!! I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do... as you can tell, I'm not the normal "food blog", I tend to ramble ya know...
      Do you think it's the "Greek in me"?? ;-)

      So, so, so, so excited to meet a fellow Greek!!! Please share with me as well... I would love to post your recipes and pics!!!

      What part of Greece? I'm from the Island of Samos! Was born there, came here when I was 5-1/2 yo.

      Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!
      (ps was so saddened when Precious decided to d/c her blog... but ya know, life has a way of taking hold of us, and reminding us we want to do different things, so good for her I say)!!

  4. The pictures look fantastic! And that salad...WOW! You take egg salad to the next level Didi! I'm glad you like the Wonton Crisps! It's a new family favorite in our house. My husband really likes them with taco seasoning and dipped in salsa. I like them with cinnamon and sugar-- no surprise there, not with my sweet tooth! Now you've got me wanting egg salad!

    1. Make eggsalad and use your crisps my friend!!! THEIR OUTTA THIS WORLD good. We loved, the soy sauce & olive oil on these! Next time I will add a smidgen of garlic powder as well... have to try with the cinnamon sugar, mmmmmmmmmm

      Thank you so much sweetheart!!

  5. Looks good. The first time my baby said more, it was for egg salad. I don't make it enough.

    1. Lucky, sometimes simple is the best dinner... make egg salad I say!! ;-)

  6. Thanks Didi! I was born and raised here but my mom was from Thessaloniki and my dad from Kalamata. I am really loving catching up on all your blog posts! PS...the gyro recipe was the BEST EVER!!! Everyone in my house loved it so so much! Looking forward to following you here!!

    1. Amazing regions of Greece my friend!!
      I haven't been there in so long...

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the gyro, we did very much as well!! Very, very easy and delicious!!! Birgit is a genius I say, genius!!