Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday purchases

I was up bright and early this morning, and out the door I went to do my drugstore deals.

First stop; Rite Aid.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Loreal Youth Code moisturizer!!!  I mean if I could just order a vat of it, we'd be in business!!!
I also bought some soda pop, gum, Softlips for the girls,  and finally... Hershey's Aero candy bars.  Have you tried these babies??  Light airy, melt in your mouth DELICIOUS!!  I buy them strictly for baking purposes, strictly I say!!  Yea, *clearing throat* ;-)
Total: $21.88  
Received: $10UP & a $2UP
Will submit for the $10 MIR

A girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do right?? 

Moving right along, I got a shock when I went to my CVS and ran into a fellow couponer.  She said that we are part of their "Pilot Program" so all the ads and specials we have seen online, don't apply to us, just the measly 2 page ad in our paper is what we can purchase... which was RIDICULOUS by comparison!!
Since I've come home I've emailed their corporate office, I'M NONE too happy let me tell you, and now they know!!
I made my point by being courteous, using proper grammar and quoting a few statistics, so hopefully they will re-evaluate this program!!
This is what I ended up purchasing for $1.76, the Nabisco snack pack was free from their coupon machine.

Finally, I went to my local grocer where they were having some really nice Proctor and Gamble deals going on.  I ended up buying Olay products. 
 I received a CAT (money towards your next purchase).

Total: $16.45.
Received: $10 CAT
Will submit for $15 MIR
All in all I think I did pretty darn good, for all the products above, especially the YOUTH CODE!!  So you think if I do order a vat of it and just lay in it I can look like I'm in my 20's again??  Ya think?  Should I try it??? ;-)

Okay, off to make dinner!!  We're having a nice chuck roast, with baked potatoes topped with parmesan and crumbled bacon and a nice spinach salad!!

Ciao Bella!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. O Didi! You are a hoot! I like Olay Regenerist. I'll sit in the vat next to yours with the Youth Code.

    Nice job on your shop today.


  2. Patti!!!! Hey my friend!! Thank you! You did an awesome haul as well!!

    So tell me, should we "rent bathtubs" or can we do this in mini blow up pools??? I'm looking at figures ya know!!! ;-)

  3. Wow - that is some amazing shopping!! Money Makers galore... I will try the Olay at my tops tomorrow - thank you "Deal Queen"!!!!!!

  4. Deal Queen? Takes one to know one!! ;-)

  5. I tried one of those aero bars and it was all crumbly. Maybe I got a bad one. I'll have to try another "for research purposes".

    1. Research, I hear you!! Yep, totally understand, very, VERY IMPORTANT!!
      "I" buy them strictly for baking you see...