Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on my windblown dog...

Just wanted to update on my windblown doggie situation this past Saturday.

The  dog was "not blown away" up and over the fence,  hubby is assuming at this point that the latch broke when our garbage can hit the fence door at heaven's knows how many mph!!!
So after a banter for about 1 hr with hubby, me INSISTING THE DOG WAS BLOWN AWAY, and him insisting the dog would of been seriously hurt if she was blown away!  He said and I quote... "ENOUGH WOMAN"!!  You could of heard crickets... ;-)

He put on his coat, went outside and after about 10 mintues he came back inside and said; "don't let the dogs out, I have to go to Home Depot"!  1-1/2 hrs later, we have a new latch on the gate and my dogs are once again safe and sound!!

I thank God for having it been the neurotic Chrissy and not the other two!  She promptly went out and would of been there for days not moving an inch till I let her back in.  The other two??  Not so sure, so I am very, VERY thankful it was her!!

I still think my version sounds much better... what ya think?  ;-)

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