Monday, May 28, 2012

Blessings on Memorial Day!!

I don't like to say "happy" Memorial Day, because, well quite frankly, the reason we are celebrating or, "remembering" Memorial Day is because of our amazing men and women who gave their lives for us.  So "happy" is not something I can say with a straight face.  Happy would not bear well with the families that lost their son or daughter, wife/husband, uncle, brother, sister...   
We as a nation have this wonderful working day off because of their sacrifices!  Let's not forget, and let's get back to understanding and appreciating!!
I for one have my flags up and make certain that the veterans selling their flowers to me at the grocery store, get MY MONEY and a kind word of thanks.  That's all they want, heck, let's be honest, they don't even want that. The veteran's that you see today just want YOU TO KNOW that they did their job, they protected you.  So we on the other hand can and do enjoy the freedom's that their hard work has provided for us!!!  
Let's buy that flower, let's shake their hand, let's tell them THANK YOU!!!  
Thank you for allowing me to remain free, and strong and do whatever I want, thank you.  Thank you for sacrificing in extreme heat and cold, painful shoes, blisters, heavy gear, extreme thirst and fatigue, thank you!!  Thank you for trekking miles!!  Thank you for being diligent, thank you for being alert, wise like an owl and having eyesight like a hawk!! Thank you!!
Let's take today and thank the people that truly gave us the this day, our Veteran's!!!

In memory of them, I had a celebration yesterday, just with a few close friends.  I made my dry rubbed ribs (so moist fall off the bone).

Also, for the first ever in my life, are you ready???  Potato salad!!!  I've never, ever made it before!!!  I've eaten really good ones, but have never made my own.  So when my hubby specifically requested it, I was at a loss, well, ok... I WAS IN PANIC MODE!!!  I'm like "huh"???
So I went to my favorite recipe site, "Just a Pinch", and perused.  I found a very good friend, and made her potato salad sans the dill pickles, I subbed celery, just because I love celery is all (not to mention my dill pickle eating monsters ate all the darn dill pickles <sigh>).
Well, I got to be honest with you guys, this is the BEST EVER potato salad!!!!

Just PERFECT!!!  Just the right amount of sweetness tang and the egg??  Oh my heavens!!!

You can find Diane's recipe here;  
Mama's Old Fashioned Potato Salad

Here is my picture of her amazing potato salad!!!

I know right?  Trust me, you can't get enough!!!  I placed this amazing recipe in my personal cookbook!!!

So take this day my friends, enjoy with family and friends, but above all, remember those great men and women and "salute" to them!!!

Till next time!!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Beautiful tribute Didi! And yummy food too!!! (((HUGS)))

    1. Thank you gorgeous!!! The food was very, very yummy.
      I'm sure you cooked up a storm yourself!!

  2. Didi, I so get what you mean about wishing everyone a "Happy Memorial Day." The food of course, looks spectacular!! My only regret is that I don't live closer to help you eat that goodness!!! xoxoxo

    1. Hey sweetheart!!! My regret as well that we don't live closer, can you imagine??
      I'd be calling you, you would be calling me... our husbands would just be shaking their heads, lol.
      My girls love to babysit too, so we would have "couples night out" too, man oh man... where do you live again? I so want to move South!! ;-)

  3. Didi, I'm in would be awesome!!! And yes, it would be quite the party, I'll bring the windex!! ROFL!!!!

    1. LOL!!! Windex she say's, LOL!!!!!!!!!

  4. Didi, you hit the nail on the head! That is what Memorial Day is suppose to be about and you put it so elegantly! Your ribs look wonderful and I'm sure your first potato salad was fantastic!