Friday, June 1, 2012

Going out of the country...

For a few days...  
I'm off and driving to Toronto, Ontario Canada for a few days.  It's my eldest daughter's bridal shower.  My two youngest (bridesmaids), my one aunt and I are heading out separately from the other family.  The rest of the family is coming up on Sunday. Thank heaven's, I can only take so much bickering on one very busy stretch of road before I blow my top!!  We'll just have to go eat some really good Greek food as we are awaiting their arrival. 
I know, the sacrifices I make for this family...
I am also trying to accommodate my daughter the bride.  I can't have her stressed or being upset because yet "another aunt" said something totally inappropriate, no, no I MUST, MUST protect my child I say!!!  Let's us NOT re-live the bridal gown shopping experience!!  Oy Vey!!!  Let's keep the sanity!
Another post, another day...

So, in protecting my daughter and not have her overwhelmed, I think I must keep her calm with really good Greek food and shopping.  Do you not agree?  We have to have the bride looking her best I say!!!

I think we will hit Danforth first, where we will eat fresh, tangy with just a bit of mint infused salads, succulent roasted meats, crispy roasted potatoes, crusty bread... in "Greek town".  We will have to buy amazing Greek sweet delicacies, syrupy, crunchy, full of nuts and drizzled with chocolate...  
outta this world  pressed cheeses, well just because!!!
Then I'm sure we will be heading out to St. Clair 'aka', "Little Italy" for some amazing Italian Soprasseta Sausage and other earthy aged cured meats.  Finally, we will make a stop at Egglinton where the flavor of the 'Isles" are,  incredible authentic Carribean foods!!  I know I will be purchasing some jerk spice, (you cannot do wrong with jerk spice in any marinade/sauce), incredible spicy and not so spicy curry paste and just plain kickin spice blends).  Couple that with the most flakiest of  Jamaican beef patties ever!!  The dough is fried to crispy perfection, and the filling??  Oh my heaven's!  Depending on your level of spice, you can purchase regular or spicy.  The dough is flaky,crispy and just the best you have ever tasted!!!!  Let's talk filling, it's chock full of beef and lamb, spices and whatever secrets that they will NEVER SHARE with me!!!  My car will be full and so will my pantry and freezer's!!!!
The multi-culturism of Toronto is surreal, I miss it so!!!  I lived there for almost 10 years!!  I've lost the "eh", but I still love T.O.!!!!

Then we will make a small little stop to Yorktown for a little persusing at the latest in clothing fashions.  The accessories, the cosmetics, the clothes!!  You can spend days there, literally!  I will be salivating, dreaming I was thinner, and LOOKING FOR CLEARANCE!! :-)

I'm making light of it, but I know I will be an emotional wreck, I gotta be honest with you.  I know the moment I see her next to her mother-in-law with my mom and aunts surrounding her like bees, I will be balling my eyes out!!  I see her in half views.  Am I describing this correctly?  One eye sees her as the gorgeous, successful woman she is today.  The "other eye" sees her as the cutest little four year old, riding her first tricycle and exclaiming; "look at me mommy, look at me"!!!  I remember her first loose tooth and how she threatened the "tooth fairy"! She told me she better get good money for her tooth, because her teeth were better and bigger than anyone else's!!  Her standing next to me in the kitchen, wearing an apron 2x too big on her and helping mommy make c
ookies, her wicked sense of humor, her outstanding intellect!!!
My little girl has grown up!! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??  How did that happen?? Now she will be a wife of her own and someday "a mom of her own"...
What??  When??  Where has the time gone?  I'm so proud of her!
The gorgeous, successful woman she has become.  I DON'T WANT TO LET HER GO!!!
Tears are literally rolling down my face as I'm typing this, oh boy, I'm emotional already!!

Better make that 2 baklava's and a large stiff glass of ouzo on ice please!!!
Really, I mean I need to keep my strength up and all!!

So my friends, it will be a whirlwind weekend full of emotions, tears, love, laughter, Greek bickering :-) and AMAZING FOOD!!!

I love her so!!!

I share with you a picture of my daughter and me when she is ready to cut the cake...

Till next time!!

with Didi


  1. Didi, I hope you have the most memorable time with your daughter and family; soak in the beauty of the moment. What an exciting weekend for you and your family. Please have a Greek pastry for me...yumm!!!

    1. Thank you Kim, I think I had at least 3 pasteries, in your honor of course!! ;-)

  2. Enjoy this special time, "Mother of the Bride".

  3. This too will pass quickly. Enjoy every moment!


    1. I did my friend Patty!!! You are correct, life zips you by!!!!

  4. Sounds like a whirlwind weekend Didi!

    We tried your gourmet pizza last night and DS, age 4, said "So yummy, so yummy, there's a party in my tummy!"

    1. Awwww Jillian that us adorable!!! Aunt Didi will him as many as he wants!!! So glad you enjoyed the pizza!!!

  5. Enjoy this amazing time Didi! Eat all the great greek food, enjoy your daughter's shower, and keep the peace by having an extra ouzo whenever needed!! Kala Stephana for your daughter too!!!

    1. Thank you Olga mou!!! Kai sta pathyia sou!!
      We had a ball!!!