Thursday, June 28, 2012

One sauce, two dishes... fresh herb & lemon sauce

Ever feel like super simple, healthy and easy?  I mean super easy? Today was one of those days...
It was not "super" hot today, if you call upper 80's in NY hot, but the humidity was surreal!!  I came home exhausted because of the humidity.
Being the good "mother of the bride" that I am, I quickly went upstairs, changed into comfy clothes and hit the treadmill... I did 30 minutes on that baby, then proceeded to do another 15 minutes of weights.

Hit the shower and I had an "OH MY GOSH" will not believe it.
I actually was revitalized and had enough energy to make dinner!! Could it be true what they say?  That exercise actually gives you energy??
I have never been a lover of exercise...  FOR REAL??  Wow, I'm like really amazed, no seriously... WHO KNEW??  Better yet, who believed??

So back to dinner, I wanted something super easy, healthy and DELICIOUS.  You know I'm all about delicious!!  I reverted back to my roots, yes, yes I did!!  I remember my dad drizzling the grilled lamb chops, pork chops and steaks with this amazing sauce... I had an "aha" moment!!

I made two wonderful dishes with just one sauce.  I chose to cook fresh green beans, boneless skinless chicken breasts, assorted olives and crusty bread!!
The green beans are steamed till just tender and then the herb garlic/lemon sauce drizzled and tossed over them just takes them to the next level, or two!!
The boneless skinless chicken breasts were grilled by hubby to perfection with the sauce basted on during the final few minutes...

You taste the lemon, the garlic, the fresh herbs and you just want to lick your fingers, go ahead, I won't tell!!

Ready for the recipe?  Here we go:

2 cloves garlic pressed
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup fresh chopped herbs *see notes below*
1 tsp sea salt (Kosher)
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper

Gather your ingredients; 

notice my favorite ever Tupperware microwave steamer found at an estate sale brand new and wishing there was 3 more of them babies....

Juice lemon, set aside.  Rinse and dry fresh herbs and chop fine, set aside.  Press garlic cloves set aside.  In a small bowl, add your lemon juice, seasonings and finely the oil.  Beat with a whisk till the mixture has emulsified, become thicker.  

Add your chopped herbs and your pressed garlic and stir with a fork till well incorporated.

Pour half of the sauce over your vegetable I used fresh green beans steamed till just tender.  Look at how beautifully the fresh herbs are clinging to the green beans...

Reserving the other half of the marinade, we grilled the boneless skinless chicken breasts as seen above.

Notes:  I used fresh from my garden, parsley, basil and chives.  The chives were really not ready, but I just couldn't help myself... you can use whatever fresh herb you have on hand.  

I love the slight onion taste on both the green beans and grilled chicken.  The flavor of the parsley, the basil, chives and the garlic married with the lemon juice and olive oil?  It will literally knock your socks off, or... let's put it this way, you won't be buying fast food anytime soon! Especially since this entire dinner was done in less than 40 minutes, from start to finish... how is that for easy??  I would never lie to you!! ;-)

Okay, off to pack lunches for tomorrow.  

Till next time!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Sounds delicious, Didi! Fresh herbs from the garden, how great is that? I just picked some garlic, wish I could grow a full size lemon tree!

    1. Hi Cindy! Garlic you say? Jealous!!!
      Lol about the lemon tree I'm almost 100% positive I have spoken those exact words!!!

  2. YUM! The next time you make this I am coming to dinner! :-)

    Thanks for the recipe. I printed it for my recipe stash.

    1. Precious your welcome anytime!!!

      Let me know when you try it!!