Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Precious Moments...

I'm back and still exhausted!!  It was a whirlwind few days, full of laughter, love and tears!!

For the most part I kept in under control.  I lost it a couple of times.  One being  Saturday night when we went to the future mother-in-law's house and all of my five children were there with me...
That was "beyond emotional" to me.  They were teasing and bickering and fooling around and I have to be honest, no amount of money in the world could replace those moments!!

The 2nd time I lost it was at the bridal shower.  At the end actually when my daughter was reading our card to her.  The sentiments within the card were written by my husband and she realized it immediately!!  She started to cry and I fell in step perfectly with her!!

The shower was a little chaotic to be honest, but overall it was a beautiful event, filled with amazing well wishes, gifts and tons of kisses FROM TOTAL STRANGERS I might add!!  (my Marina was relaying her tales of misery being kissed by total strangers and hugged and pinched to death)
The grand finale was when my future son-in-law came to the hall with 3 beautiful bouquets of red roses with baby's breath (my favorite)!!  He presented a bouquet to me along with the biggest hug of thanks and many kisses.  He presented one to his mom along with more kisses and hugs, and finally to my daughter with a special small kiss, (I know, but you know older Greek women in the room, hello)!!
He's a keeper!!!

Here are a few special moments I would love to share with you. 

This is where I lost it! 

Eva & James are my TWINS!!!  

My furry grandson!!  Isn't he precious??

Day of the shower...

Lunch consisted of a wonderful roasted chicken with Greek style rice and potatoes and salad.  Amazing rolls and lots of Greek cheeses and assorted antipasti.  The punch was OUTTA THIS WORLD!!  I never did get the recipe darn it all!!!
But everyone was waiting for the... 3, yes THREE tables full of sweets!!!  Trust me, they were gone in 1.3 seconds.  Of course the "to go" containers were filled to the brims too, so saves stuffing in purses don't you think? ;-)

We had a beautiful time, she is going to make the most beautiful bride!!!

Thank you so much for all your well wishes!!

Till next time!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Glad you're back safe and sound :) Isn't it wonderful to be with family and friends?? Rest up and don't worry about a recipe until tomorrow...LOL.

  2. LOl!!! Thank you Colleen!! Yes, the best feeling in the WORLD!!

    As for the recipe... I'm posting one tonight!!! It was our dinner last nite!! ;-)