Monday, July 2, 2012

Touch of Southwest Spaghetti & Squash Quiche

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This was dinner, simple, easy and absolutely delicious!!  

I had leftover spaghetti that I wanted to use up.  It was whole wheat, and we all know how expensive that is... 
Speaking of, is it just me or are the prices just literally jumping off the meter around me?  I mean every time I go to the grocery store I get sticker shock!  So what's a mom to do when no one will touch the leftovers?  Improvise I say!
I've made leftover spaghetti quiche before using various ingredients.  I've made my Mediterranean version with sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, roasted red peppers and Kasseri cheese.  I've prepared it with salmon and spinach in a light cream sauce with just a few fine grates of nutmeg, black pepper and
Gruyere cheese... 
Tonight, we went a touch South West!
These babies are chock full of bacon, onion, zucchini squash and 2 different cheeses.

Ready for the recipe?  Here we go:
*Note: this recipe will make 2 quiches*

3 Cups leftover spaghetti
1 lb bacon
1 medium-large zucchini
5 green onions
1 tbls pimentos
1-1/2 to 2 tbls Chipotle hot sauce
12 large eggs
1/2 tsp salt & pepper
1-1/2 cups half & half (can use fat free)
1 cup Pepper jack cheese
2 cups 3 cheese blend cheese
Pie dough (see explanation below)

Dice and fry your bacon.  Strain and set aside.
Reserve 3 tbsp of bacon drippings in pan.
Gather your remaining ingredients;

Finely slice your onion and set aside.  Small cube your
zucchini and saute till just tender in the reserved bacon 
set aside.  We are now ready to assemble the quiches
all the prep work has been done!

In a medium bowl crack your eggs, add your salt & pepper,
your pimentos and your hot sauce.

Whisk well and set aside.  Using your favorite pie pans or
quiche pans butter them liberally.  I highly suggest butter
because it will give the quiches a nice crispy exterior.
Unroll your pie dough (I used store bought, if you have
your own, even better), and place onto pans.
{I used only 1 pie dough and served the other crustless
their both very, very good either way, I prefer without
a crust, familia prefers with}


Divide half of your spaghetti evenly between the two pans.

Next add half your bacon dividing again between two 
pans.  Sprinkle on half your green onion and half of your sauteed
zucchini squash.  

Finally add your pepper jack cheese, you will be only using
the pepper jack on this layer, so divide the cheese evenly
and sprinkle over the layer as such.

Repeat the layering of spaghetti, bacon, onion and squash.
Pour your egg mixture evenly into both pans and cover with
the cheese divided again.

Bake for 45-55 minutes or till knife inserted in center comes
out clean.  Let cool for about 10 minutes before cutting.
This is a very simple but comforting dinner served with
a vegetable or side salad... 
Light enough, you can have a scrumptious dessert and not
feel guilty!!

Till next time!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Oh yum!!! Yes, improv is my favorite tool for recipe development, too!! Wonderful Didi, and I also love the low fat and fat free half & half!! I will be making this one!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Melissa!! Truly a compliment, thank you my friend!!

  2. This is brilliant Didi! AND I have 2 pie crusts and a bunch of cheese in my freezer. Quiche is one of those things my whole family loves and I never remember to make.

    1. Yay Jillian!!!! I'm so glad I inspired!!! Improvise the name of the game!!! :-)

  3. YES!! My hubby will love this!! a save for me..thanks Didi!!

    1. Your very welcome, especially with whole wheat pasta honey....