Saturday, August 25, 2012

My daughter is getting married....

My gorgeous daughter and very handsome future son-in-law

Are they not the cutest couple?  Okay well maybe I'm a little biased, but nonetheless... in my eyes, they are perfect together!!

So I am leaving town in the early a.m. I wanted to be there for my daughter this last week. It's been a very hard wedding planning to say the least.  Two different countries... basically all our communications and likes, dislikes, "what do you think of this mama"? Has been through picture text, text and phone calls.  It's been "uber" hard, I gotta be honest with you!!  So "mama knowing best", took this week off and a few days next week so I could be there for her... just holding her, telling her everything will go perfectly, and if not, just look at your partner in life, your "other half", and smile.... this is what's all about!!  I will be encouraging my child, consoling my child, and LOVING HER just because!!!
She is an amazing young woman whom I am so very proud of!!

I will not be leaving you "high and dry", hello??  McCfly?? ;-)  I have a couple of amazing cooks/chefs that will guest post for me in my absence.  Let me tell you that first and foremost these cooks are just amazing and outta this world!!
The fact that they are willing to share their talent and delicacies with me and you, just astounds me!!!

One of my guest posters is Melissa from Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen FB, here.  Melissa is published in Southern Taste, and is the grand prize winner of Just a Pinch Baking Competition "Flour Power", for her Caramel Chocolate and Almond Gooey Cake  here    What a delectable recipe, trust me... it's drool time!!!  Follow her journey and creations, you will NOT be disappointed, I promise!!  You will be inspired to create, try and devour!!!

The 2nd amazing cook is Stephanie Carlson from "It's not just about the recipe"...  here  
She not only has amazing recipes, her tips are outta this world!!!  Let's talk about her Facebook page, oh my heavens!!!  You will want to follow her for sure!!  She is the most generous, talented, and amazing cook!!

I can't thank my two sister foodies enough in my time of absence!!

So, my  friends, I wanted to leave with you a few pictures of my bride to be.  If you have been following me, you know that I'm an emotional wreck, and that I see my gorgeous daughter in half views...
One is of her growing up, and being the best "big sister ever", and the other "eye" for sake of a better term, sees her as the gorgeous young woman she is today...
Ready to remininsce with me?

Anna, 5 months old.  Look at the hair!!! She was the smartest baby ever!!!  (can we say heartburn galore during pregnancy, ugh)

Anna, 3 years old and being the best big sister to her twin siblings!!!  My poor little Eva was stung by a bee just that previous evening, look at the left side of her face!!

Anna, 10 years old, feeding her little sister which is now one of her bridesmaids!!  She loved and loves her siblings with her whole heart.  She has always been there for them, encouraged them, guided them, and beat them when necessary!! ;-)  Hey, she is a big sister after all!!!

My gorgeous daughter now....

So my friends, I will be a mess, you know I will!!  I will have the industrial size Kleenex with me, super water proof mascara on, lots of love, lots of tears, laughter, Greek food and dancing!!  I will be bestowing tons of blessings to this beautiful union of my daughter to this handsome young man, now my son!!!

Till next time!!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. I am right there with you. When my one and only got married 2 years ago. I only traveled only one state away in snowy weather. Even still I was a basket of tears and emotion.He was my baby and now he is a man with a family.

    1. Thank you Chachijoan!! It's like a dream isn't it? You bore this child, raised them, and they are then walking in front of you looking amazingly into the eyes of their partner...
      Your so proud of them, but you don't want to let them go!!!

  2. What a precious mom you are Didi!! Thank you for sharing this journey!

    1. DeeDee, she is my eldest, and my baby, always and forever...
      Thank you for following my journey my friend, thank you for your encouraging words and support, and most of all love!!!

  3. What a beautiful post! I hope you all have a wonderful wedding.

    1. Thank you so very much Maureen!!!!

  4. Congratulations, Didi!

    Enjoy your week of family togetherness and all my best to your daughter and future-son-in-law.

  5. Opa Alex!!!! Common, I'll buy you an ouzo!! ;-)

  6. I wish thme all the good things in the world Didi, they look so happy together! Best wishes!

  7. Efharisto para poli!!! Oti potheis hara mou!!!

    I'm currently waiting in the hotel room for the festivites on the Spartan side to start. The Kouloura and the dance...

    Thank you so much Eri!!! xoxoxoxo

  8. O Didi. Breathe deep. Then if that doesn't work, breathe deep again. And then..............find the bartender!!

    After going through this 2 years ago all I can say is enjoy. Really. Take it all in and just treasure even the funny/not so good things that happen.

    DD was here with us for a week. Left yesterday. My heart aches. But, we were all literally dying sharing stories from the wedding week. Laughed so hard we cried. This is the good stuff. It will come.

    And Beautiful Couple!!