Monday, September 17, 2012

Leftover Bean Taco Dinner - Vegetarian Meal

Go ahead take one... I'll make more!!

So tonight was a fast and delicious dinner.  Ever feel like that?  Is it just me, no really? 
You come home and really just want to make a delicious dinner quickly!! Well transformed leftovers are always a quick, effective and delicious way...

Remember the "pinto beans" I made a few days ago??  Well, my friends, they are now revamped, absolutely out of this world, and even "carnivore hubby" was more than satisfied!  His exact words?  "Honey, this is delicious... those are the beans we had the other day, really"?  Yes, *insert fist pump*!  
By using a bag of dried pintos that I had purchased for $1.69, and a free ham bone, (ham that I had cooked and frozen the bone w/ bits of ham on)... I made 5 dinners (well 6 with hubby's 2nd serving) of Lynn's Pinto Beans found HERE.  Plus two lunches the next day!!
I then had a little over a quart of beans left.  
Voila... tonight I transformed into vegetarian tacos with a bit of addition of spices and cheese.  I mean cheese being one of the staples of life... well at least in "my house"!!  This produced an amazing dinner for 5 (well 9 if your count my daughter's boyfriend, does anyone ever feed this young man, seriously)???
I will not be providing you with a recipe my friends because all I did was smash some of the leftover beans using a potato masher, added spices and reheated.
Not all of them, because I like some sustance to beans.  I do not prefer mush, it reminds me too much of baby food, YUK!!

I then added some cumin spice (about 1 tsp), a little bit of garlic powder (about 1 tsp), a few good cranks of pepper & a smidgen of Adobo spice (about 1/2 tsp) with pepper.  I brought it up to a good simmer and then covered to keep warm.

As the beans were simmering, I chopped the pre-washed romaine lettuce, opened up a can of sliced black olives, rinsed and set aside.  I then diced 2 Roma tomatoes.  

I set the veggies aside and started on the flour tortillas.
Now, as you all know, I adore, adore, CORN TORTILLAS.  However, for this recipe I truly recommend flour tortillas. 

Using a dry small saute pan, bring to medium high heat.  Add the first tortilla, cook for 20-40 seconds, flip over and repeat on opposite side.
Remove from heat.  Add 1 tbsp or so of cheese (let's not skimp on this part shall we)...

Then we add about 1/4 cup or so of the bean mixture right over the cheese, like so.  Look at this gooey goodness already....  "Heaven's to Betsy"!!!

Of course we are going to add more cheese, "hello, McCfly"???  Then we are going to top this amazing bundle of goodness with lettuce, tomatoes, olives...
Whatever you are in the mood for my friends, you can add.  Fold over and place on a plate (I would be watching out for taco snatching people around my kitchen at this point).  The most important part??  Let's not forget the hot sauce!!!  

Grab your napkins and forks because these will be messy, aren't all tacos?? These vegetarian delights are beyond filling and trust me, no-one will ever miss the meat!!  Mix and match, add or subtract... 
But most of all, know you will have an amazingly delicious dinner ready in less than 30 minutes for your family.  

Where is that Tequila, gosh darn it all???

Till next time!!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Yum! Cheese is the best way to put any meal over the top! I am now working towards having as many meatless meals as possible during the week -- couldn't do that without cheese!

  2. I agree, cheese is a necessary staple here as well... all good things with cheese I say!