Monday, October 8, 2012

Chili Garlic Pork Stirfry

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This afternoon was one of my "are you kidding me" days!  I had a really, I mean really rough day work. 
When I came home, that LAST thing I wanted to was make dinner, no I'm not joking!  That is how tired I was!
Of course I knew I had to make something or order out. 
The powers of the "BUDGET GODS" was holding me accountable!  Or it could just be "my very Greek mother's voice laying a guilt trip on me"!  I certainly do not know, however, I am leaning towards the latter...
So I surveyed my freezers and my spice cabinets.  I do that alot apparaently, see post HERE.  I honestly did not realize how many times I am totally unprepared for dinner, or how many frappes I can consume when I come home!! *huh*?
But my friends, that is exactly what I did!  I surveyd my freezers, my spice cabinets... became disgusted... made myself a tall frappe... and, I say "and", the world shifted!!  All of a sudden I had an inspiration, I felt the energy seeping into my bones, yes, yes I did!  I did the 2nd favorite energy motivating factor for me.
I immediately went to my YOUTUBE favorites and started up my Greek songs. As I was dancing and sipping along, I made an Asian favorite!
This is a family favorite!  We have had it with chicken and shrimp, but ultimately the moist flavor of the pork wins everytime in this recipe!
I truly love that you use 1/2 to a 1/4 of meat, and the rest is all vegetables! Talk about "HEART HEALTHY"!  I mean if you have finicky eaters and want to introduce more vegetables, or simply would like to add more vegetables to your family's diet and less meat, well this is the recipe for you!
You have savory, with a bit of sweet and a little spicy!! I kid you not,  this is truly a winner! I ended up serving this with fresh green beans as my veggie, but feel free to substitute whatever vegetable you prefer!!

Ready for the recipe?  Here we go;

1/2lb boneless pork cubed into small pieces (or if you have a couple of pork chops with bone, cut around bone and dice, no worries)
2 lbs fresh vegetables (I used green beans, see notes)
8-10 cloves garlic
1 cup fresh green onions diced
3 tbsp canola oil
1/2 tsp sesame oil *optional*
1 - 1/2 to 2 tbsp Thai chili sauce
2 tbsp Soy sauce (I used sodium reduced)
1 tsp salt
1-1/2 cups water
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tsp roasted sesame seeds


This is my ulitimate favorite Thai chili sauce ever!! It is savory, a touch sweet with a kick at the end.  It's not overpowering in heat, but the flavors are out of this world!!
Even if you decide to create your own stirfry, I highly recommend this sauce!

-Chop your green onions set aside (leave a few for garnish if desired)
-Measure out your water and add your cornstarch, mix well, set aside
-Dice your pork, set aside
-Press your garlic cloves set aside

In a medium saute pan, heat your oils to medium/high and add your pork cubes. Saute till no longer pink.

 Add your chili paste, saute for a minute or so. 

Now your pressed garlic.  Saute for a minute longer.

Let's add in our green onions.

Saute for a minute more and then add your water mixed with the cornstarch.

 Let simmer for about 3-5 minutes or so.  You want to make sure when working with pork it is completely cooked through.  If using chicken or shrimp, the time should be reduced by at at least half.  For shrimp saute then remove.  If using chicken; by half the stated allotted time.  In other words shrimp; 1-2 minutes, remove to be added at the very end to reheat.  If using chicken; 2-3 minutes, then add your vegetables.
With pork; 3-5 minutes then add your vegetable of choice.  In my case tonight, green beans.

Toss with sauce, cover and let simmer for just a for a few minutes more.  You want your vegetable on the crispy side, not mushy!

Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds and serve with your favorite side.  In our case Basmati rice.  Yes, yes were addicted... that's all I'm saying!

**Note:  We love green beans with this dish.  If you are using frozen, let defrost and then add as directed above.  If you are using fresh as in my case, then I steam the green beans after I cleaned them, I microwave for approximately 3 minutes. This ensures a very crisp green bean.  Once steamed in the microwave, I then add them directly to ice water to stop the cooking process so they have the beautiful green color and the "crunch" that were looking for. (I don't pull out the steamer but choose to use a microwave steamer basket, simply because.. who really wants to do more cleaning of the actual steamer baskets... no really, is it just me)?  You have to get them out, rinse them, dry them, then wash them again, then dry again and then put away...
Ugh, I just got tired all over again explaining this to you.
Let me play another song...

 You can do this with whatever vegetable you want to retain the color, but still retain those amazing vitamins only "just so" cooked vegetables can deliver!

Okay, off to grab my chopsticks....

Till next time!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Ok i am going to say this in Greek because I want to express myself exactly as I want! Έσκασα στα γέλια με την αφήγησή σου, ειδικά στο σημείο που σε φαντάστηκα να μαγειρεύεις ασιατικό και να τραγουδάς ελληνικά. Ήταν από τα καλύτερα post που έχω διαβάσει εδώ και πολύ καιρό! Το φαγητό σου τέλειο! Πολλά φιλιά από Ελλάδα!

    1. Katerina, you literally had me "laughing out loud"!! I'm still trying to figure out what "af
      "afigisi sou" means... but I didn't need a translator, I read it all by myself, yes, yes and I did, and I literally laughed!!
      To answer you in Greek (using translator for Greek writing)...

      Κατερίνα, μια φορά σε λίγο αναρωτιέμαι, πραγματικά; Ποιο είναι το πρόβλημά μου; Τότε εγώ απαντώ ... Είμαι εντελώς τρελή!

      Thank you my friend!! I hope all are feeling well now!!
      Tons of kisses as well, from New York!!

  2. I agree with Katerina! Telio!! I loved the frappe and of course dancing and listening to greek music is a must! The dish looks divine Didi!!

    1. Olga mou, thank you!!!
      We must dance, we must sing... it's in our blood, yes??
      "filakia koukla mou"!!

  3. Ok at 1:45 AM I found your recipe and I am printing. I do not have the chili sauce and they may not have it in my tiny town. I take it that it is like Chinese chili sauce but more jellied and better??? I'll find you tomorrow if I have a problem. This will let me go get the 2 ingredients I am missing for the blueberry delight thingy. Yum Yum Happy Father's Day to Daddy.