Monday, January 14, 2013

Chipotle Salmon & Spinach Quiche

Sometimes brunch time can be daunting.  At least for me that is the case.  I am very peculiar of what I will be serving, do you think it's the "foodie" in me?  Maybe?  Possibly?  
I'm going to end this argument with myself and just say, "yes", that is the case!

This is how this recipe was created.  Not rocket science or anything, but it was really darn good!!  The kids and boyfriends really liked it as well, actually the one boyfriend asked for seconds, SCORE!!
There was just something magical about the salmon and the Chipotle together!  Then of course we added veggies and just added all that goodness inside a pie crust, well because we could...

I used my go to pie crust - you know... I go to the freezer and pull out the little red package.  Yes, yes I did!  The little red package and I are very good friends, heck were BFF's!!

Ready for the recipe?  Here we go;

Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 45-50 minutes
Yield: 2 Quiches - 8 servings each

1 can Salmon (14.75OZ / 418g) *I used wild caught pink*
1 package frozen spinach
1 cup red bell peppers,  diced
1 clove garlic
1 cup green onions, diced
1 Chipotle 
2 tsp Adobo sauce (from Chipotle)
8 eggs
2 cups milk
1 tsp salt
4 tbsp coconut oil
3 cups shredded cheddar cheese
2 unbaked pie crusts (if frozen, defrosted)

-In a large skillet over medium high heat, add your coconut oil and let melt.  Once the coconut oil has melted, add your green onions and saute till the onions are just starting to soften.  Now add your crushed garlic clove, saute for just a smidgen, and add your peppers.  Saute till they just are starting to soften.
Finally add your spinach (still frozen) and saute till spinach is no longer frozen.  Sprinkle with salt and set aside to cool. 

-Puree your Chipotle pepper along with 2 tsp of adobo sauce till smooth, set aside.

-While the vegetables are cooling, let's open up the can of salmon.  Remember to discard all skin and bones.  

-Using two pie pans, add your pie crust.  Crinkle edges.  Divide, and evenly distribute the salmon to the bottom of the pie crusts.  

-In a medium bowl, add your eggs and milk.  Beat well.  Add your reserved Chipotle puree, mix well and set aside.

-The spinach mixture should be cool now, using a slotted spoon, squeeze as much liquid as you can from the spinach mixture.  Divide spinach mixture and evenly distribute to the pie crusts, directly over the salmon.

-Preheat oven to 375F

-Divide and pour egg mixture into the pie crusts.  Divide and evenly distribute your cheese over the top of both quiches. 

-Bake for 45-50 minutes, or till quiche is set and cooked through.  Oven temperatures vary, so I would definitely keep an eye on this. 

-Let cool for 10 minutes, and cut into 8 servings per pie.

Look at all those layers!!

I served it with salad and rolls.  It was the perfect, I mean perfect "different kinda of brunch" I had been anticipating!  Heck, who am I kidding, it was downright delicious!  You certainly don't have to wait for brunch, this definitely can be dinner.  Trust me, it will be soon at my house...

Till next time!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Yummm Didi... that sounds & looks GREAT! I'll have to give this a try soon! Thanks! ♥

    1. Kimmie so very good sweetheart, let me know if you do!! ♥

  2. With canned salmon? Awesome!!!

    1. Ever since I watched that episode with Dr. Oz Alex where he said wild canned salmon is just as good for you? Well, no further instructions were necessary!! It's cheaper, and less "salmony" taste for us since it's not one of our favorite fish.

  3. Delicious Didi! I would dive in it for sure! If the boyfriends are happy then the daughters are happy to right ha,ha! Have a good one my friend!

    1. Hi Katerina mou!
      I know you love salmon!! LOL
      Have a great day my friend!!