Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vegetarian Mini Poppers - First Vlog

Hello, how is everyone?  If you live in the Northeast I hope you fared well in that storm we had over the weekend.  We received over a foot and a half of snow, ugh!

I would like to present you with my first "Vlog".  Let me preface this and tell you a little about my tech capabilities.  I have none.  No, I'm serious.  My daughter helped me film it and she uploaded it for me to show me how to edit because in a few months, she will away at college.
So, me being "me".  Took it upon myself to edit the video.  Yes, yes I did!!
What I did my friends is I deleted what I wanted in, and then I left in what I wanted out.  I have no idea how I mixed up the "in and out" of the software, but alas I did.  Panicked now, I calmed myself down till my daughter got home.  The moment she walked in I pounced on her (asked nicely) if she can help me fix what I just ruined.  I waited very patiently (not) while she grabbed a snack, checked FB and heaven forbid get herself something to drink...
Finally she sat in front of the laptop and I explained to her what happened.  She's said; "Oh, ok mom, I see what you did, you saved your changes so they're permanent, just give me your memory card and I will delete this and re-upload".  I looked at her with my "deer in headlight look".  To which she said; "Mom no, stop, you deleted the memory card didn't you?  How many times do I have to tell you not to delete until you are sure you will no longer need it"!  She sighed, I stifled a guttural groan!  So my friends, the 2nd part of the video is where she has transitioned it nicely...
The first part?  Well cutting myself in mid-speech, does that count?
Be kind my friends!!

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Now for the recipe.  It's absolutely delicious!  The poppers are low fat, low carb and literally lip smacking good.  You can taste the slight char of the peppers, the awesome mushrooms and then add the cheese... heaven!

Ready for the recipe?  Here we go;

Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 20-25 minutes
Yield: 16 mini poppers

1 package (10 Oz) mushrooms any kind
1 lb sweet mini peppers
1 medium onion diced
3/4 cup Asiago cheese - shredded
1/4 - 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper

-In a large skillet add your olive oil and when hot add your onions.  Saute till translucent, a few minutes.

-Dice your mushrooms and place in pan with mushrooms, saute till they have reduced and become nicely brown.

-Add your peppers and salt, saute for a couple more minutes.  Turn off heat and place in medium size bowl, set aside.

-Shred and add your Asiago cheese into the bowl with the mushroom mixture, stir to incorporate and set aside.

-Wash and dry your peppers.  Make a slit right down the center of the peppers. 

Using the back of a teaspoon, insert to the top where the seeds are and using a scraping motion, scrape the seeds out of the pepper.  Repeat till all seeds have been removed.

-Insert plate of peppers in microwave and microwave for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  Depending on your microwave you might just need 2 minutes. 

-Preheat oven to 375F.

-Peppers should be nice and pliable which will guarantee even thorough cooking.

-Stuff peppers with mushroom mixture.  

-Place on an aluminum lined pre-sprayed baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes till nicely browned and the peppers have opened up slightly... and the aroma is just killing you and you want to reach in and grab one, and burn  your tongue, but you won't care because you just love mushrooms. *Didi looking around the room*

*clearing throat* Ummmm that would be me!

Don't forget to color coordinate your peppers my friends!

Till next time!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Ha, you go girl! Loved seeing you in action!

  2. I can't decide what's yummier, the actual dish or your performance! Great vlog Didi and I can't wait to see more, keep up the good work doll!

    1. Awww, thank you Linda dolly!! ♥ I'm still not comfortable in front of the camera I say, LOL

  3. Oh Didi - you lost me at mushrooms LOL! I know you got me to eat lamb once upon a time in your Greek burgers, but NO WAY am I eating a muchroom - it's about the only food I won't eat! So, what else can I stuff these peppers with? Do you think chopped zucchini or eggplant would work?

    1. Now you love lamb, see? ;-)

      Meanwhile Teresa, you can definitely add diced zucchini to these. Just make sure you scoop out the seeds, that is what releases a lot of water. Eggplant will work wonderfully as well, just remove the peel due to the bitterness!!
      One of these days I will get you!! :-)

  4. haha... love the Video-log. You crack me up.. you're just too much fun, Girl.
    Those poppers look fantastic.. smell-a-vision.. yes! We need it.

    Thats one gorgeous stove there too Girlie.. I want one like yours!

    1. Love me my stove Kimmie!! Thank you my gorgeous eyes ♥

  5. Didi you always make me laugh. Such fun.

    I am sitting here waiting for this grandbaby to arrive. O. The wait is the pits!! Anyway, I was supposed to be gone today but am at home with absolutely no plans for Valentine's day (since I was supposed to be rocking the grandbaby.) I think I will surprise hubby with some of these yummy looking peppers tonight!


    1. Awwww, here's to "grandbaby soon" wishes Patti honey!! ♥

      Hope hubby liked the peppers, and happy Valentines day love!!

  6. You did great Didi! Love this recipe too!

    1. Well I don't know about the vid,lol- but the recipe is delicious!! Lol

  7. Thanks for the recipe as these are delicious! I made these right after watching you vlog. In fact, I'm making them again tonight for our weekly Sunday night family dinner. I already have the recipe copied for my sister-in-law, I already know she'll ask for it.

    1. Dawn *yay*!!! I am so very happy that my vlog helped (do I ramble or what ;-) )and you and your family enjoyed them!! I hope your sister-in-law liked them as well.

      Thank you so much for coming back and letting me know! That totally brought the biggest smile to my face. When ppl don't comment, you don't know right?
      Thank you again!!

  8. Awww Didi! You rock woman! I love this vlog! It made me totally miss you! We need to get together soon! The poppers lol amazing, too!