Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - Our Latest Blessing

The quote above says it all...

I know my blogging has been sporadic to say the least.  But I have been a little busy.  Well okay, I have been very busy.  Never-the-less, I wanted to share with you that I have so many blessings in my life to be thankful for!  This is our latest blessing.   I would love for you to meet my granddaughter!!

Meet our little Maria Alexis!

I know, that little button nose!  Just like her mommy's!

This is my favorite...

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with great food, laughter and blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving

Dishin with Didi


  1. From one new grandma to another: Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family Didi, she is absolutely beautiful! I promise you "love" will take on a whole new meaning with a grandbaby. Just no way to describe it in words! Enjoy that precious blessing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!!!! Maria Alexis is beautiful, just like her grandma!!!!
    Enjoy the time with her, they grow up so fast!!!
    Talk to you ya!! ♥

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Didi! Wishing you & yours loads of blessings! ♥

  5. You are a very happy yiayia Didi and you will be a great model for your grandchild! Just keep making everyone happy as you do! Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!

  6. You can tell from your big smile that you are especially blessed this Thanksgiving.

  7. Aw, what a sweetie you have! I hope your Thanksgiving was very blessed indeed! Congrats on the new bundle of joy in your family too!

  8. She is beauty and so are you. Love you:)