Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zucchini & Potato Salad with Green Pepper and Fresh Herb Dressing

I was planning on video taping this episode.  I actually curled my hair, I KNOW!!  However, you know what they say about the best laid plans!!  Of course it started to "thunderstorm" when I started to prep, but of course it did!  The skies grew dark and black, I had to turn my lights on and the rest as you say is; "history"... However, have no fear, this salad/side dish is delicious, I PROMISE YOU! 

That being said; the zucchini season is upon us, yes? 

Earlier today I had about 1 hour to play around in my herb garden.  My veggie garden is all shot, literally because of the amount of rain we have had for almost two weeks straight.  However, my herb garden is thriving.  So after cleaning out the baby plants that will never grow because of the weather.  I was ready to tackle my herb garden.  Out went another 22 sprigs and roots of mint (the most unruly of herbs), and trim down the rest.  They looked so good after the trim, I almost kissed them, well I caressed them, does that count?

So I harvested; chives, oregano, thyme and tarragon.  Then walking up to my deck, I heard my name being called.  Yes, yes I did.  I heard; "Didi, oh Didi, we are here, ready for your picking".  
Me being me, I  looked around the deck, and then looked at the dogs, thinking I was imagining things along with hearing voices...
Well lo and behold, there was a bright light upon one pepper that caught my attention.  I swear it "swooned" as I drew closer...

So I picked it.  Off to make that awesome dressing with now the star of the show, the green pepper.

Ready for this simple and delicious recipe?  Here we go;

Yield:  6 servings
Prep:  15 minutes
Cook time:  10-12 minutes

4 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
1-1/2 tbs salt (to boil and season vegetables)
2 medium zucchini, scrubbed, seeded and cubed
1 medium green pepper, seeded and quartered
1-1/2 cups chives
1/2 cup herbs of choice, fresh - I used tarragon, oregano and thyme.  (Any herbs will do except for the minty kind, they will take away from the fresh onion flavor)
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 lemon, juiced
Zest of 1/2 of lemon
2 garlic cloves
3/4 tsp  
1/4 tsp pepper

(easy enough right)


-In a cold water basin, sink, swirl your fresh herbs a few times till they are rinsed thru.

-Place on a paper towel

-Roll the herbs in the paper towel and set aside till ready to use.

-In a small food processor (I used my silver bullet), place your green pepper, herbs of choice, chives, garlic, olive oil, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt & pepper into the processor.  Pulse till smooth and creamy.  Adjust for seasonings as needed.
I found the 3/4 tsp of salt perfect for my taste and so did my family, please adjust according to your taste.  Set aside.

-Place your potatoes in your salt seasoned water and boil till tender, about 8-10 minutes. 

-A few minutes before the potatoes are ready, add the cubed zucchini.  Why dirty another pot, right?  I know!

- Zucchini cooks fast, so it should take bout 2-3 minutes.  

-Drain potatoes and zucchini, set aside.

-Meanwhile, as zucchini & potatoes are drying, add 1/3 of your dressing to the bottom of the same pot you just cooked your veggies in.  Add in the zucchini/potatoes.  Top with other 1/3 of the dressing.  Finally add the rest of the zucchini potato mixture and top with the remainder 1/3 of the dressing.   Toss to incorporate.

-Plate on your favorite platter and enjoy with your favorite meat, or as an amazing vegetarian mean!  This can definitely be served room temp, and I have to be honest with you, I prefer it that way!!

 All I can tell you is that even my "non zucchini loving" daughter, loved it and wanted seconds.  Darn this weather...
Next time, and trust me there will be a next time, I plan on adding a few cherry tomatoes just for color don't you know, sans the seeds.

Till next time! 

Dishin with Didi


  1. Val my friend, it was so very good!! I can honestly tell you, I can have a whole bowl, all by myself just as is... the flavors pop!!

  2. This looks amazing and sounds so good Didi!

    1. Thank you so much Patty, seriously it was delicious!! I brought some to my coworkers the next day, and they absolutely loved it too!! That is a compliment in itself!

  3. I'm sorry that the rain has been hard on your garden. You certainly made the most of your herbs with this potato salad with the zucchini…it sounds terrific.

    1. Thank you Karen my friend! It was so simple and very good.

  4. This sounds absolutely delicious Didi

    1. Thank you Hadia, it was seriously delicious, I have to be honest!

  5. Didi I have no fear for you! Greek blood runs in your veins. No rain, no thunders, no storms can intimidate you!!!! This is awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Katerina mou, it seriously was delicious!