Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY - Toilet Paper Holder (something new for me)

Can you believe it?  I made something functional?  I know, I was so happy with it.  My rustic creation came out of frustration and necessity.  

I had one of those plastic tube like toilet paper holders.  I mean it was okay, when I first bought it.  It was supposed to hold the toilet paper so there was always enough and no one was to call out my name in a frantic voice for helpBecause if you are a mom/wife what have you, you know that it is always "your name" being called in such matters.

The problem with this plastic holder was that you had to reach deep inside, and heaven forbid you bought the large tubes, then you were literally priding them in and inching them out.  Frustrating I say!!
So I thought to myself, I know, scary.  "Self, you can make up something can't you"?  So I did.  

Ready for the simple project?  Here we go;

1 lid from 28oz  can of whatever
1 dowel rod
2 screws
1 nail
1 cabinet door knob


-Instead of heading to your nearest big store, go shopping in your garage, basement, craft containers.  I did!

-Take your dowel rod and position it in the center of your tin lid.
Mark it with your nail.

-Using your nail, make an opening.  You want to make an opening and not nail the tin lid to the dowel.  We are going to use a screw for better wear.

Now you can certainly drill an opening if you would like.  However, for me, that would entail asking my husband for his drill.  Heaven forbid I  use that man's tools.  He stands over me like I am going to make them disappear or rust or something. Sheesh!  So I improvised!  It worked no problem.  What?  This is what I mean if you are visual like me.

-Screw the tin lid into the dowel rod.  Voila, you have the base!

-Screw the cabinet door knob into the top of the dowel.

It's nothing fancy, but it is definitely functional to say the least.  I stained it just lightly.  However, I think I will go at it one more time with a darker stain, and then use a raffia bow to just give it that extra touch.  I'll also be looking for a fancier cabinet door pull in my outings at estate sales and garage sales.  

You can certainly make it your own by adding beading if you like, maybe an old comic book page along with some modge podge?  I know right?  Plus, you never have to leave your house or spend money!!

Till next time!

Dishin with Didi