Saturday, July 18, 2015

New blog, new kitchens & thunderstorms

Bye bye island, you have been so good to me...

 Hello!  Welcome to the new "Dishin with Didi"!  I am so very, very glad you stopped by!

I started this blog almost 4 yrs ago with the hopes that I would be at this point in my life doing food blogging full time, and I wouldn't have to work outside the home.

Well,  that didn't happen!  I've had a good 3+ yrs of severe financial hardship since starting my blog.  Yes, lost my job, tried to go back to school...
You know the things everyone does when they suddenly find themselves without employment!  But I plugged along.  Actually, I had no other choice but to.  When schooling didn't work out, I took the first job I could, (it's called a mortgage), in order to make ends meet and it was totally out of my comfort zone.  Strange and very long hours later.  That very disturbing job, gave me the foundation of the job I currently work now which is in health insurance.  I know right?  Who would of thunk?
I mean I have a medical degree, all my work experience has always been with direct patient care.  Talk about a "completely different work experience"?

Nevertheless, the company I work for now is absolutely AWESOME!!  They treat not only their "members" with amazing customer service, but they treat their employees that way as well.  Somebody pinch me!!
As much as I love the company I work for, I seriously HATE THE HOURS!!  I have worked very early hours for so long, getting home after 6pm is seriously a wet towel on my dreams and hopes of blogging, entering food competitions etc.  I mean by the time I get home?  Heck, I'm lucky if I can think much less have natural light to take food pictures!
My blog obviously has seriously been neglected!!  

Till a few of my readers privately emailed me and asked me if I was okay.  I answered in the positive, because I was seriously okay.  Then, I say THEN, they responded back with something that I had never expected, nor would even have thought of.  Are you ready? 
They didn't care about the recipes, they wanted to know about me!!
What?  For real?  Are you kidding me right now??

So after serious consideration, I figured my blog name can accommodate a "life blog", why not make it into one!!  So my friends, I hope you come back and visit more often, because I will be posting more often with what is going on my life, and would love to hear what is going on in yours!!

So back to the "new kitchen".  We recently refinanced taking full advantage of the low rates before they rose.  We refinanced locking into a conventional 3.15% for 15 yrs.  With the amount of equity we had in our home, we were able to some money out for the new kitchen etc, but the best part...
Are you ready?  We are paying significantly LESS in our mortgage for a shorter amount of time.  So if you haven't refinanced, or thought about it.  Look into it.  If you don't take money out, that's okay, but either way, it's going to guarantee a lesser mortgage payment.

My dream island

So on to my new kitchen dream!  The one showing above is my ideal island by the way, but that's not going to happen.  My kitchen is not large enough.  It can be if I make my entire dining room into a kitchen, but I like having a separate dining room.

Originally, my husband and I were going to do most of the work ourselves.  However, my husband has just recently been diagnosed with a severe medical condition.  So it's very difficult for him to start much less finish this kitchen remodel of ours.
It kills me to see this very, very strong man I married who was able to take on the world, hesitating and hating the fact that he no longer can tackle this kind of work. 
Not wanting to make my husband feel any less inferior, I told him; "Honey, I'm tired of remodeling and doing everything our selves, why don't we hire a company to do this remodel for us, because honestly, I think we are old enough we can do that'! The fact that HE KNOWS I'm doing this for him, and I PRETEND he doesn't know.  And all is good in the marriage pretend world.  Because sometimes, let's be serious, that's how we have to roll. 

We hired a company out to do the work for us.  We priced contractors for "sub floors", "plumbing", etc. 
But after pricing all the separate contractor fees, it is seriously cheaper and on point to have a company come in and just do the dang kitchen remodel.   That being said, I'm up to my ears in samples, dimensions and textures!  I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I'm not kidding.  It's not even fun any longer.  I'm seriously feeling stressed!  I go to work, come back home and there is yet another email, voicemail or urgent call back for more dimensions that I have to respond to!!  That famous TV commercial of my time, man am I dating myself or what?  But remember that commercial that went; "Calgon take me away" comes to mind every time I pull into the driveway!!

Last night was a very stressful "texture night" with the new flooring.  I want bamboo, and the company is trying to steer me towards slate.  Slate to me, is cold.  I don't want cold, I want warm and inviting.  It's enough I had to settle for dark cabinets vs the white because hubby doesn't like white or cream only natural maple, and I hate all that natural wood texture.  Ugh!! 
So I had a couple of glasses of wine and was in a deep sleep when at 3:40 a.m., Manny, my Bichon frisse woke me up by panting and whining.  I thought to myself; "Oh man, it's a thunderstorm"!!

 And what a thunderstorm it was!!  We all had emergency alerts sent to our phones at 4:46A.M.  In all my years, I have never seen or heard a thunderstorm that lasted for over 1 hour.  At one point, the entire house shook and the girls literally jumped into our bed!  Man do I need a king size bed!!

So that was Didi's Friday evening.  I am sure there will be more mumbling from me in the near future!! 

Till next time!!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Oh my. Well good luck with that island - it is dreamy!

    1. Thank you so very much friend, and thank you for visiting!! I love your blog as well!!

  2. Cool beans, Chica.. You did kind of fall off the planet for a while Wild.. insurance huh? Good on ya! At least you're happy.. and you deserve that, Girl! <3

    1. Thanks Kimmie, we all plug away don't we my friend!! ♥

  3. Didi your kitchen is gorgeous! I know you're gonna love your new island!

    1. Thank you DeeDee, I am working on it, definitely working on it!!

  4. I love renovations, but I hate all the work it has to be done haha! I wish I was a witch and just do my magic and everything would be ready in moments. Good luck my friend with your kitchen renovation project!

    1. Thank you so much Katerina mou! I had issues with the contractor. He was trying to tell me how "it should be". Not bearing at all what my style was. So we moved on to another one. Ugh!!