Sunday, August 16, 2015

College, shopping n' hairstyles...

Balayage highlights, that is what I was going for, for my daughter going back to college do.  She's currently out with her dad driving don't you know.  But I have to tell you, I actually went further than those highlights.  With an almost platinum blonde to compliment her natural hair.  I think I exceeded the YOUTUBE tutorial.  Yes, yes, I have!! Here's a general picture of the highlights above!

Score one for *MOM*!!

This weekend has beyond busy as the past 3 months of weekends have been since my baby has come home from college.  I rarely get to spend *quality* time with her.  So on the weekends, it is "our time".  Whether it be shopping, estate sales, sample & wine tastings, flea markets, farmer's markets.  That's where we can be found!!
I'm going to seriously miss her!  She is my best buddy!  She is my "mini me"!  We have the same tastes and interests!!  I have NO IDEA what I am supposed to do without her for the next 3 months.  
Wait, I know...
I will send her gift baskets, because you know, I can!!  She will know how much her mommy loves and misses her!!

Can I just say she is the best child, like EVER!!!  She doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, and she, (after having an encounter with being hung over on her freshman year). decided she doesn't like the taste of alcohol either.  I know right?  I mean a dream child right in the making!!  She gets straight honor roll, and she made dean's list last year!!  She was upset that she didn't make "President's List".  "Are you kidding me right now"??  
I had no bloody clue what President's list was at college.  I was just hoping and praying I passed the danged class...
See what I'm saying??

Anyways.  So today as we were leaving Sally's Beauty Supply with the hair color that I needed to use for the Malaysian look for my little one.  In the parking lot was a briefcase.  Just sitting all my it's lonesome for some unknown reason.  As we were walking by it, I could of sworn it was ticking.  I looked at my daughter who heard it as well, and I said to her; "GET IN THE CAR, HURRY NOW"!!

 I then proceeded to call 911.  Well, I guess being a "good Samaritan" just doesn't cut it in our world anymore!!
Not only did I get the 10th degree questioning from the 911 operator.  I actually was told to "calm the freak down" and speak more slowly with total disrespect!!  I have no idea what happened after they dispatched officers to the scene.  I had left quickly.  

Well, that was my Sunday expenditure!!  Off to finish the stuffed vegetables for dinner!
Yemista Stuffed Greek Vegetables

Till next time!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Come and make mine as well my friend! You did an excellent job with the highlights and with the gemista too! Filakia!

  2. I would love to just sit down with you my sweet friend Katerina!

  3. Your layered hairstyle is great! I`m planning to get my hair cut like this (Photo 5) next week. Hope, my boyfriend will like it.

    1. Hi Ashley! Sorry for the late response, life... Ugh
      I'm sure you are "rockin" your new do!!