Monday, April 11, 2016

Fried White Pepperoni Pizza

 I know, trust me!  These babies were so good!  This recipe was so easy, but definitely popping with flavor.  This recipe came about because I was tired of sauce.  Read on...

Hubby, bless his little heart loves his sauce.  I mean the man adores it!  Every time I make my own pizza, or we order out, we have to have the "sauce" on it due to hubby, yet the kids and I love white pizza.  Go figure...
So, I figured I could "one up" the little guy and he would never know it.  
I am here to tell you, we did it!  A killer dinner, we each had 2 rolls, and I served it with a side salad.  Hubby, (you know the sauce guy), absolutely loved it!  I mean it's fried, it's pizza inside out what's not to love? Right?

Now I did have a step by step of me on my island making the pizza rolls.  My amazing child video taped it, edited to make it fast since my You Tube subscribers have said I am very long winded.  I made it just like the new and coming videos.  She uploaded the video for me...
Then I came on the laptop.  YOU GUESSED IT!  Bye, bye video!  I have NO IDEA what I did, NONE!  It's gone, it's somewhere in internet land.  I could kick myself for not taking actual "pics" of the how to.  So my friends, my apologies...
However, this recipe is absolutely delicious, with or without video!

Ready for this very simple recipe?  Here we go;

Prep time: 1/2 an hour
Fry time: 5-7 minutes
Yield: 8 pizza rolls

1lb pizza dough (I bought it, you can certainly make your own)
1-1/2 cups mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup Grana Padano Cheese (like a mild Pecorino)
2 oz - 1/2 of package of thinly sliced pepperoni
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1 tbsp dried parsley flakes
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
Enough Vegetable oil for frying


-Cut your dough round into 4 pieces, set aside.

-In a small bowl, add your olive oil and all your spices and mix well, set aside.

-On a floured surface, roll out the pizza dough till you get a 4 x 8 rectangle.  Or their abouts, it does not need to be perfect.

-Mentally divide the dough in half in your mind.  You will be folding the dough over the ingredients, so make sure you leave enough space in between and on the sides so you can fold over, and then cut.
*See this is where the video so would of helped - <Didi sighing> *

-Baste 2 strips of the olive oil mixture onto the dough.  

-Add the Grana Padano or sliced sharp cheese.  Then the pepperoni, and finally the mozzarella cheese.

-Fold the side dough over the filling.  Using a pizza cutter, cut the rolls.  Set aside.

-In a large stockpot or deep fryer, bring oil to 350F.   
-Fry 3 rolls at a time till golden on one side, flip over and let fry until the other side is golden as well.

-Remove onto paper lined plate.  Continue with the rest.

Serve with garlic aioli like I did with a side salad, or you can serve "sauce" <gulp> like hubby's favorite and enjoy!

 Till next time!

Dishin with Didi


  1. Hi Didi, I haven't seen such an appetising pizza fo a very very long time! And it's fried! This sounds like a dangerous combination for me :-) I can see myself finish it all on my own.
    Thanks again for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I'm very glad to discover yours and all the luscious food you share (I am also crazy for small treats such as ravioli and rolls of all kinds!).

    1. Hello and welcome Sissi! ♥ Thank you so much for visiting, and yes, it's a dangerous combination for me as well, that is why I rarely fry!

  2. Whoohoo, Didi. These look sinfully delicious. I wish I could grab the plate through my computer screen. Wonderful

    1. I wish we lived closer Hadia, I would make you a fresh batch!

  3. I use to love pizza rolls when I was a kid, this is just a wonderful step up from those! I love the white sauce, too!

    1. I adore white sauce Kecia, adore it!

  4. I bet they disappeared almost instantly. Did your husband have some red sauce to dip his into or did he go sauce free and totally white?

    1. LOL Karen, he went totally white and never missed the sauce! *grin*

  5. This is not fair! I am at the office right now with a triangle of cream cheese and two rusks and I come here and these delicious pizza rolls are in front of me and you are thousands of klm away! Not fair at all! Filakia!!!

    1. LOL, that's what I feel when I wake up and see your amazing delights pop up in my email koukla mou!

  6. Ohhhh, Didi!!! I want to just come over to your house so we can play in the kitchen all day!!! These look SO GOOD!!

    1. Kelly that would be absolutely awesome!!

  7. Yummy! It looks delicious! I want to eat this food right now. :) Great! I love it.

    1. Hello Anna and thank you for stopping by! As you can see, very, very easy!