Monday, October 3, 2016

Garlic Parmesan Wings - Baked Not Fried

 Who doesn't like crispy wings?  I know right!  I love chicken wings on game day, seriously, that and pizza.  My two favorites for a good game!  Now that being said, have you seen the prices of wings when ordering out lately?  "Holy are we short on chickens batman"?  I couldn't believe what they want for 1 dozen or 12 wings.  

The other thing about ordering out is that I never seem to get them crispy just like I like them.  I mean crispy, not soggy and soaking in sauce of some kind.  I like my wings very crispy outside and juicy on the inside and definitely not saturated with sauce.
So, me being me, I made my own!  I have to tell you, they are out of this world delicious.  I love Buffalo wings, I really do.  However their is something magical about the "garlic and Parmesan" combination.  I can't explain it to you in any other way other than it is a perfect marriage!  You get a hint of that amazing perfectly seasoned garlic flavor, and then; "SLAM" the Parmesan hits you.  Yes!

These wings are baked and not fried, there is very little butter involved in a 4lb bag of wings, which allows you to actually indulge and not feel guilty.  This is what I tell myself, and I'm sticking to it!
This recipe was inspired by Alton Brown's Buffalo Wings.  He is a very good chef, odd, but a very good chef.  I've tweaked his recipe to;

  • Make it easier
  • Don't use as many pans
  • Clean up is a breeze
I mean it's okay when you have someone cleaning up your kitchen and all, but when you are a home cook, well we take shortcuts, at least I do.

Alton Brown's Recipe:  HERE

Ready for the recipe?  Here we go;

Prep time:  20 minutes
Bake time:  1 hour and 15 minutes
Yield: 6 appetizer servings

Chicken wings:
4lbs - 64 oz (1.81kg) bag chicken wings, still frozen is fine
1-1/2 tbsp garlic salt
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp tsp cayenne pepper (can use more if you like it hot) 

3 tsp butter
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 cup grated Pecorino/Parmesan Cheese (the kind from the green container is fine)
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan Cheese

-Using a large stock pan, rinse your chicken wings, (can still be frozen), and place in pan.  Add enough water to cover by an inch.
Bring to a boil, skim off any scum if needed, reduce heat and simmer for 17-18 minutes.

- Once cooked, with tongs, remove onto paper towel lined baking sheet and allow to cool.  Using the paper towels, make sure wings are dry.

-While wings are cooling, assemble the spice mixture, set aside.
Preheat oven to 400F (200C).

-In a medium bowl, add the first layer of wings, season with spice mixture, keep layering and seasoning till both wings and spice mixture is used.  Toss to ensure all wings are coated, set aside.

-Remove paper towels from baking sheet, wipe dry, line the baking pan with heavy duty aluminum foil and spray with non stick baking spray. I'm all about easy clean up you know!

-In a single layer, add the chicken wings to the baking sheet.

 -Bake for 25 minutes, turn wings over and return to oven to bake another 18-20.  This will make for very crispy wings. 

-As chicken wings are baking, melt your butter and add the garlic powder to it, mixing well, set aside.  Mix cheeses together in a small bowl, set aside.  Wash and dry medium bowl, we are going to use it again.

 -Once wings are cooked, layer a few wings into the medium bowl, drizzle a few teaspoons of butter and sprinkle with cheese, continue layering, drizzling and sprinkling till the all the chicken wings, butter and cheese have been used.
                                        I know...

Place on a pretty platter or basket and get ready for accolades.  Don't forget to grab one for yourself!

Till next time!

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  2. OH DEEDS!!! :D DANG those look good!!!! *I'm SO WITH YOU on the price of wings, (the pieces parts that you used to get for almost FREE)!! I hate it when "trends" happen, it skyrockets the price of the item every time!! Grrr!! We need to stop buying them all together!Drive those prices back down to a decent, affordable, and justifiable price!

    ( soon as they are on SALE.... !!! Gonna make these!!! LOL!!! Can't resist!! :D ;) )

    1. Girl I hear you!! I'm luck I have an Aldi close to me and their prices went up by .50 for a bag in less than 1 week. But still less than $10 for very good wings is still better than buying in my book.
      Love ya Kelly!! ♥

  3. These look amazing my friend! So much more my flavor pallet than traditional wings!

  4. These wings have my name written all over them koritsaki mou! Filakia!