Sunday, February 26, 2017

Managing Diabetes - The Wife's Confession

So, time to fess up to the true reason I haven't been posting regularly as of late.  I have been a little busy, well actually I have been surprisingly busy!

My husband was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  His fasting blood sugars were literally out of control, along with his HgbA1C.  
He came home from his routine physical almost in tears, with blood glucose monitor and testing strips in hand.  

Let me preface this by saying that my husband is the most stoic of men.  He's strong, silent, compassionate, supporting but most of all, he's a fantastic husband and father!  So to see this man of mine scared for this first time ever?  Well, "I" had to do something to help him.
We sat down and had a long heart to heart.  We decided that we were going to go high protein, low carb, with healthy fats, lots of vegetables, legumes...
Basically back to my very Greek roots.  I also do not believe in any fake sugars or substitutes.  So the foods that I would be making that have a higher carb count, or sugar count, well they would not be off limits, just not served that often.

So our dinners started to look like this;

Ginger Curry Beef Noodle Soup

and this...

 Garlic Parmesan Wings - Baked not Fried

or this...

Dan Dan Noodles - chock full of Bok Choy, beef broth, ground beef, seasonings and just a smidgen of noodles w/ the goodness of half an egg for extra protein. 

Cauliflower mash, garlic wilted spinach, Baby Bella scampi and the star?  Garlic, lime grilled shrimp.  Hubby had absolutely no idea these were not mashed potatoes, he was totally blown away that they were cauliflower, he's now a firm believer!

Breakfast you ask?  

With healthy snacks like hummus with crudites, nuts, cheese slices etc.

The results?  Hubby has last 43lbs!!  His fasting blood sugars have fallen almost 200 points and his HgbA1C?  Reduced by 4 points as well.  His endocrinologist is absolutely thrilled.  He still has some weight to lose and reduce his A1C.  His doctor said that if he can reduce his A1C by a few more points he is going to take him completely off his medication!

So my friends, I have been busy, helping my husband, making sure his meals are colorful, delicious and good for him.  I hope my confession helps you, helps anyone...
My intention was to help you understand that diabetes can be managed, maybe eliminated if we just go back to our roots and start eating real food!

I hope you enjoy the recipes I will be sharing with you as much as we do!

Thank you so much for supporting me and following me, especially thru my long absences. ♥ ♥

Till next time!
Dishin with Didi